Please note our general business terms which apply unless otherwise agreed:

Our usual hourly rate ranges between DKK 1,350 and DKK 3,800 ex VAT, depending on the specialist’s competences and experience. We invoice our customers monthly based on time spent, and we always send documentation in the form of time records. Our payment terms are net cash.

We are subject to legislation about precautionary measures to prevent money laundering of profits and funding. The legislation places an obligation on us to collect identification from our customers and store it for five years. For companies, we collect a copy of the company’s most recent financial statements. You may therefore be asked to provide us with identification in the form of a copy of your passport/driver’s license and health insurance card.

Our liability is limited to the amount covered by our lawyer’s liability insurance which is taken out with the insurance company Tryg. The liability does not include financial consequential losses, including operating losses, lost profits etc. Any potential separate project insurance may be taken out based on a written agreement. You can always contact us to obtain further information about our insurance.