We kindly draw your attention to our General Terms and Conditions which apply unless otherwise agreed:

Our standard hourly rates range from DKK 950 to DKK 3,850 excl. VAT, depending on the expertise and experience required from our legal specialist. We send you a monthly invoice according to hours spent and always submit time sheets as documentation. Payment terms are net cash.

No later than at the first client meeting, we establish whether your case is covered by legal expenses insurance. Unfortunately, it is far from all legal expenses insurances that offer terms under which we are willing to work. This may mean that we cannot help a client with a case if the client requires our services to be provided under legal expenses insurance.

We are subject to the Danish Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. The act means that we are under obligation to collect and store clients’ proof of identity for five years. For businesses, we obtain a copy of the company’s most recent accounts. You may therefore be asked to submit proof of identity in the form of a copy of your passport/driving licence and health insurance card.

Our legal insurance is provided by Tryg Forsikring A/S. Tryg is liable in accordance with the current regulations published by the Danish Bar and Law Society. Tryg is therefore liable as a debtor directly to you for losses that may arise as a result of Molt Wengel having wrongfully spent funds that have been entrusted to Molt Wengel. Details of our cover are available on request.

Liability for our legal advice is limited to the insurance cover.

Further information about name, admission to practise law, insurance etc. can be found here.

Find out more about Molt Wengel and our legal experts at www.mowe.dk.